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Creating Innovative Finance Solutions

From the early stages of project development to financial closure, turn to RMA for business and finance solutions. Based in Washington, DC, we work with development banks, donor agencies, and financial institutions to leverage private sector financing. By identifying and implementing strategic joint ventures, we add value and resources to our clients' operations. We design credit enhancement facilities to lower project financing costs.

RMA Services include the following:

Project Development
  • Draft business plans and term sheets for project sponsors and developers.
  • Draft model and project specific contracts for private sector investment in local infrastructure projects.
  • Review offering memorandum to improve documentation.
  • Prior and ongoing activities: Brazil, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, India, Mexico, Poland and Romania.
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Blended Finance Strategies and Implementation
    • Design blended structures to leverage private sector investments at affordable rates to local communities or developers
    • Utilize donor and others resources to lower costs of financing and reduce credit risk
    • Develop revolving blended finance programs to maximize impact and enhance sustainability
    • Subject blended finance arrangements to an affordability assessment to strike the right balance between public and private contributions to a program
    • RMA’s successful work in this area was recently sited in an OECD report "Making Blended Finance Work for Water and Sanitation"

Climate Change and Related Environmental Initiatives
  • Design green bond offerings and propsals
  • Draft carbon trading agreements
  • Develop project and policy risk mitigation strategies for carbon credit projects
  • Draft carbon emission reeducations purchase agreements
  • Prior and ongoing activities: Czech Republic and Poland

Development Bank/Pooled Lending Programs
  • Develop pooled lending and revolving loan programs to finance small-scale local infrastructure projects. This approach lowers transaction costs, mitigates risk through diversification, and facilitates project specific technical assistance.
  • Evaluate credit quality of small-scale projects and develop appropriate credit enhancement strategies.
  • Work with on-lending banks to integrate pooled lending with their existing programs
  • Establish underwriting criteria
  • Develop operational protocols and intake procedures
  • Draft enabling documentation for pooled lending authority
  • Draft lending agreements
  • Prior and ongoing activities: Mexico, India, the Philippines, Poland, Jamaica

Municipal Development Fund Operations
  • Evaluates existing municipal development fund operations, including underwriting criteria, approval procedures, portfolio management, and leveraging capabilities. Based on this analysis, RMA will design and implement market access strategies for municipal development funds, state development banks, and on-lending institutions.
  • Prior and ongoing activities: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia and Poland.

Distressed Local Governments
  • Draft legislation to create early warning systems and remediation programs for distressed local authorities and develop workout strategies for local authorities in need of debt restructuring.
  • Prior and ongoing activities: Zimbabwe, Indonesia

Debt Limitation Policies and Disclosure Guidelines
  • Draft debt limitation policies and legislation.
  • Draft disclosure and continuing disclosure guidelines for municipal security offerings.
  • Prior and ongoing activities: India and Zimbabwe

Municipal Lease Financing
  • Develop municipal lease financing programs for local governments and public agencies.
  • Draft standardized financing documents for master lease programs that reduce transaction cost and simplify security arrangements.
  • Develop cash-flow credit analysis, monitoring standards and procedures, lease pricing, and administrative guidelines for master lease programs.
  • Work with financing and operating leases as well as lease revenue bonds.
  • Prior and ongoing activities: Lithuania and Poland.

Credit Enhancement Initiatives
  • Develop and implement credit enhancement strategies to rise the credit ratings of (and lower interest rates for) municipal, environmental, and housing projects.
  • Provide local banks and other lending institutions with training in municipal credit evaluation and credit enhancement strategies.
  • Prior and ongoing activities: Czech Republic, USAID Central Office.

Legal and Regulatory Policy Analysis
  • Review national legal and regulatory frameworks to identify obstacles to efficient municipal environmental, housing and project finance.
  • Develop and design appropriate policy and institutional reforms necessary to support greater long-term investments in local infrastructure.
  • Prior and ongoing activities: Colombia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, and Zimbabwe.