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Representative Projects

Over the past 10 years, RMA of Washington, DC, has been a representative for many projects. Under contract to the international NAMA facility, we've developed financial mechanisms for clean energy projects in Latin America and Asia. We provided a framework analysis for the creation of a municipal bond bank to the municipal development. Several of our financial mechanism projects include:

  • Lease financing for renewable energy projects in the Dominican Republic.
  • Construction finance facility for feed-in-tariff projects in the Philippines.
  • Equity funds for waste-to-energy projects in Colombia.
  • Price stability fund for clean energy projects in Chile.
  • Subordinated and concessional loan program for biomass projects in Argentina.


Under contract to the Inter-American Development bank (IDB), we developed a revolving fund for commercial bank financing of environmental projects in the Caribbean region. Our first tranche of financing was at $15.2 million.

The Philippines

Under contract to USAID and in collaboration with the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), we developed water revolving fund program in the Philippines. This fund has financed more than $75 million of projects.


In the past, we provided assistance to the UNDP/GEF regarding the design and implementation of financing programs for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Croatia, Romania, Central America, Chile, Egypt, India, and Thailand.

Creating a Finance Mechanism

We have developed innovative financing mechanisms for small-scale energy projects in Mexico and the Philippines under contract to APEC.

Financial Service

Fideicomiso Trust

With one of our debt instruments, we have developed our Fideicomiso (Trust) program to bundle efficiency projects for financing by the North America Development Bank (NADB). We drafted transaction documents for our Fideicomiso financing.

Eastern and Southern Africa

We designed and developed an infrastructure investment fund for the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). We identified sources of capital, drafted an investment fund charter, operations manual, and RFP for the fund manager.

The BIDFacility Charter

We assisted the IFC in the creation of BIDFacility, an IFC-managed, multi-donor supported initiative designed to assist public entities attract private sector investments through PPP. We drafted the BIDFacility Charter, engaged in market analysis, provided the PPP legal and regulatory review, and presented at donors conference. The BIDFacility has raised more than $20 million in donor funds.


We've assisted the Tamil Nadu Development Fund in India with successful privatization and follow-on bond offerings. Our company was involved in the first private sector pooled financing of water projects outside the United States. As a legal and financial adviser, we structured a $22.6 million non-convertible, redeemable bond offering issued by the Tamil Nadu Development Fund in India.


Under the contract to USAID, we developed credit enhancement strategies for global climate change projects. We helped the Polish National Environmental Fund transition from a grant to a lending operation for local government environmental projects.


Under the contract with the Asian Development Bank, we provided the Indonesian Ministry of Finance with recommended strategies to transition a municipal development fund to a capital market intermediary.


  • Bloomberg New Energy Finance for Resilience Award
  • Implementation Models for Revolving Fund Programs
  • Philippine Water Revolving Fund Design Framework
  • Case Study - India Tamil Nadu Pooled Bond Financing Program
  • Legal Framework Analysis for Municipal Financing
  • Mobilizing Financing for Carbon Capture in the EU